Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Thirty years ago when "affirmative action" first began, conservatives predicted that if negroes climbed to the upper echelons in our government and businesses it would be with a singleminded objective: Revenge.

We're seeing it happen.

The Nevada Equal Rights For Minorities Commission make it perfectly clear that their agency wasn't set up to help the honky. They have done nothing but deliberately drag their feet in "investigating" my discrimination complaint. Plus, Maureen Cole, one of the higher-ups lied to me about the statute of limitations in filing a discrimination lawsuit against Love's after the NERC predictably ruled against me because I'm a WASP Man.

Then it was the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's turn. Between the NERC and them, they made sure I was misinformed so I would miss the deadline. Just read the letters I wrote to Cole. How many months at a time she would deliberately drag her feet.

Femmexnegroes are proving it was never about right and wrong. It's simply about power. They whine about how the White Man abused his power. Now here they are doing the same thing. And they've just started. I'll say it again: IF IT'S WRONG FOR THE WHITE MAN TO HIRE AND PROMOTE HIS OWN KIND WHILE EXCLUDING OTHERS, IT'S ALSO WRONG FOR FEMMEXNEGROES TO DO IT! There can't be two sets of right and wrong. And there certainly aren't two different definitions of racism.

They foolishly believe us White Men - guys who created the greatest nation in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD - will simply roll over. The Tea Party's just the first resistance movement.

You'd best let a sleeping dog lie, brutha.


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PATRIOTS, HERES YOUR LIST OF TRAITORS ( DEAN HELLER - my Nevada senator - is on the list. We must be relentless in pushing them out of office and ultimately exiling them from America. If they want to turn our entire system upside down just to keep their jewish bosses from answering for 9/11 - AND THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT THE DETAINEE SECURITY ACT IS ABOUT - they need to go live with the jews. The Simon Weasel Center For The Judaization Of America wants Architects And Engineers for 9/11 Truth imprisoned as terrorists. WE ARE JAILING PEOPLE WITHOUT TRIAL FOR SPEAKING THE TRUTH JUST TO PLEASE A FOREIGN NATION, THE JEWS? The jews are convulsing with fear because they know if these groups persist the 9/11 paper trail will lead right up to their doorstep.